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We might have your lost super

Super Safeguard could help find your lost superannuation. As one of Australia's leading Eligible Rollover Funds (ERF), we've helped thousands of Australians find lost super and unclaimed superannuation.

Super Safeguard is registered as a compliant Eligible Rollover Fund (ERF). Australia's major super funds may choose to transfer a member's account to Super Safeguard if they lose contact with a member, or should an account become inactive.

Here are some of the reasons we might have your lost or unclaimed superannuation.

  • Changed jobs?
  • Moved?
  • Changed names?
  • Lost your super fund details?

About Super Safeguard

Australia's Progressive Eligible Rollover Fund (ERF)

Super Safeguard is Australia's progressive Eligible Rollover Fund (ERF). Leading Superannuation funds trust us to manage the superannuation of lost or inactive members because of our professionalism, performance and commitment.

Why we're the Eligible Rollover Fund of choice

Choosing an Eligible Rollover Fund is an important decision for any Super Fund. You need an ERF with integrity, a proven track record and a sound infrastructure. Here's why we're Australia's Eligible Rollover Fund of choice.

  • Cross fund matching program
  • Competitive fees
  • Actively seek to help members find lost super
  • Simple and safe transfer of lost superannuation
  • Super fund branding and link to your website

Learn more about making Super Safeguard your Eligible Rollover Fund, or call us on 1300 135 181.

Participating Funds

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Super Safeguard?
  • Which Super Funds use Super Safeguard as their ERF?
  • Can I have my super funds paid directly to me?
  • How does Superannuation become lost?
  • Can I keep my Superannuation with Super Safeguard?
  • How do I transfer the balance of my Super Safeguard account to another Super Fund?
  • What is Cross Matching?
  • I couldn't find my lost super with Super Safeguard, where else can I look?
  • I want Superannuation advice
  • Can my employer make Superannuation Guarantee payments to Super Safeguard?

Fund Details

Super Safeguard Fund Details

Super Safeguard Fund
ABN 13 917 747 013
SFN 299 142 948
Fund Registration No.(FRN) R1001389

Postal Address
Super Safeguard
GPO Box 3426
Melbourne VIC 3001

Office Address
Super Safeguard
Tower 4, 727 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3008

Phone: 1300 135 181
Facsimile: 1300 135 191

SUSA customers

Service Providers

Fund Administration & Accounting
Australian Administration Services (AAS)
ABN 62 003 429 114

Asset Consultant
Jana Investment Advisors Pty Ltd
ABN 97 006 717 569

Fund Administrator
Australian Administration Services (AAS)
ABN 62 003 429 114
Level 1, 333 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000
Telephone: 1300 135 191
Facsimile: 1300 135 191
AFSL No. 238827

Fund Sponsor/Promoter
The Link Group, which owns the Fund Administrator Australian Administration Services Ltd is the sponsor or promoter of the product. This involves the promotion of the product to Superannuation Trustees and other entities. In its capacity as promoter, it may provide general advice and arrange the creation of new interests in the product.

The promoter provides these services under its own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL), not as the Trustee’s representative. The Trustee does not accept responsibility for any advice and arranging services provided by the promoter under its own AFSL.

To access information regarding Trustee and Executive remuneration and other information that a trustee must make available on the Fund's website, please visit in new window .

Fund Trustee
Diversa Trustees Limited
ABN 49 006 421 638
Level 20, 357 Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000
AFSL No. 235153
RSE Licence No. L0000635

Why Super Safeguard?

Choose Super Safeguard to protect your superannuation

Our low fee structure and proven performance means you can trust Super Safeguard to protect your superannuation while you're not working.

When to choose Super Safeguard

Super Safeguard endeavours to minimise fees and costs, working to protect your hard earned superannuation. We are the ideal super fund choice in the following situations:

  • When you're overseas
  • On maternity leave
  • Between jobs
  • Taking time off


Contact Super Safeguard

Operating hours: 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, EST
Phone: 1300 135 181
Facsimile: 1300 135 191

Postal Address
Super Safeguard
GPO Box 3426
Melbourne VIC 3001

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